Night-time search for missing 10 year old boy from Luttelgeest.

The RHWW was asked to help in the urgent search following the worrying disappearance of the boy.  The request was made by the Flevoland police department in conjunction with the KLPD (national agency for missing persons).

The boy had been reported missing early in the evening of 1 February afte he failed to return home after a visit to his grandparents, who lived close to his house.

Because of the seriousness of this disappearance and combined with the wintry weather conditions, the search effort was scaled up to include all collaborating SAR dog groups.

The SAR dog groups were called at around 22:40.  At the same time the KLPD issued an “amber alert”.  At midnight the first SAR dog groups arrived.

The following groups took part in the search: RHWW, RHH, VRT, RHGD, RHN, Oger SAR Dogs.  23 SAR dogs and 38 SAR volunteers were deployed.

In addition, the police, ME, fire department and members of the local community participated.

The search took place in the village, the direct neighbourhood and the waterways, which were partly frozen.  The search continued throughout the night until 05:30.  It was hard work for both the dogs and the people due to the bad weather and freezing conditions, without result.

The next morning when daylight returned the police and M.E. continued the search with helicopters with heat-seeking cameras and divers.  The missing boy has not yet been found.

Oger SAR dogs deployed 3 dogs and 6 volunteers for this search.